Rodenka's Commissions

Freelance Artist / 26 / California

Welcome! My name is Denka and I'm a digital artist who focuses primarily on animal art, but also occasionally draws humans and fanart! Here you'll find my commission info as well as ways to contact me in case you have any questions.

Commission Status: Open

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Terms Of Service

Payment is taken up front, through Paypal Invoice.Communication will be through email or Twitter DM, depending on how you first contact me.If your commission is $20+, I will send a preview of the sketch once I've finished it and have it approved by you before I continue. ( any changes are free of charge at this point )After you've approved the sketch, refunds will not be given.After completion, any changes to the commission will cost a small fee, unless they are due to my own error. You may repost your commission to any site or use as an icon or header as long as you credit me somewhere.Do not use my art or commissions to make a profit in any way.Feel free to e-mail or message me for an update on the status of your commission at any time.I may post commissions to social media as well as to my website for examples. I may decline your commission for any reason, but likely will only do so if I find something offensive or morally wrong.Will Draw: Animals, Anthros, Humans, Pokemon, Fanart, Mild Gore, Pastel GoreWill Not Draw: Anything I find morally wrong or offensive, including but not limited to: Anything racist, transphobic, homophobic, etc. Anything depicting incestuous or pedophillic relationships. In addition, I will not draw heavy gore or NSFW content.

Commission Prices

Prices Current as of May 2020:
Am comfortable drawing humans, animals, anthros,
pokemon, fanart, mostly anything!
No NSFW themes.
May and June Only- Pride Icon YCH! - $25
Character Headshot Sketch, Uncolored-
Character Fullbody Sketch, Uncolored-
Telegram Stickers-
$15-20 each
Character Portrait (w/ Flat Coloring)-
Character Portrait (Shaded)-
Fullbody Chibi-
Simple Feral Ref (Flat Coloring)-
Simple Human/ Anthro Ref (Flat Coloring)-

Backgrounds can be added but for a fee which depends on what you'd like!

( shipping not included in price)
Posca Headshot Badge-
Posca Fullbody Badge-
Digital Headshot Badge-
Digital Fullbody Badge-

Payments done through Paypal Invoice**
To request a commission follow the instructions found here!

Email & Twitter

If interested in a commission or to ask a question please contact me at either of the following:

When requesting a commission, please read my TOS and fill out the following form to speed up the process!:

1. Your username for any site, so I may properly credit you. (please specify which site your username is for.)
2. Type of commission you would like.
3. References of your character.
4. Any additional information or requests regarding your commission. (optional)
5. Your paypal email.